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Hiring Human Resource Manager


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


Payroll - Salary - Employee Claims – PF.Compliance - Full n Final.Joining, Relieving Formalities.Employee Relations. HR Policy Administration.Induction - Orientation - HR Reports.MIS, PMS, Training.

· Take out biometric report & compare with timing of attendance what’s up group.

· Prepare attendance report daily evening & submit to CMD.

· Installation of biometric of all employees.

· Issuance of Identity Cards with name and designation as per approved design. 

· Creation of employee code on portal. 

· Creation of client code on portal. 

· Consolidation & Procurement of all requirements / replacements of any utility well in time before management.

· Introduction of new employees to entire team.

· Training and briefing of all company policies to new employee.

· Briefing importance of timely preparation of reports of individual department. 

· Briefing and creation of proper filing codes and its stacking to new employee. 

· Monitoring and briefing of regular maintenance of filing and records to all employees. 

About the Company

Focused on Quality, Efficient and Timely Hiring.

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