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Hiring Electrical Design Engineer- For Automation Industry

Chennai/ Banglore/Mumbai

Job Type

Hiring Electrical Design Engineer- For Automation Industry

About the Role

We are seeking a highly experienced Electrical Engineer with minimum 3 years of experience in Control Panel Engineering, PDP/MCC panel Engineering, Switchgear selection and sizing, cable sizing, cable schedule, PLC/VFD selection, communication architecture, IO list preparation and site supervision. The successful candidate will be responsible for design, development, and implementation of complex electrical & automation systems for Storage system & Warehouse automation projects. The candidate will work closely with the project team to ensure that all electrical components of the project are designed and installed to meet the client's specifications, on-time, and within budget.


Key Responsibilities

• Design of complex electrical systems, panels, and schematics for various projects.

• Studying a client provided design brief & assessing project requirements to define scope of project.

• Select and specify PLC and VFD systems for automation and control of electrical systems.

• Develop communication architecture and IO list preparation for electrical systems.

• Develop electrical Panel Schematics & GA drawings & bills of materials, using EPLAN Electric P8 or AutoCAD.

• Preparation of heat loss calculations for Panels.

• Preparation of Load list, cable tray routing layout, cable schedule, Bill of Materials.

• Ensure compliance with IEC & IS standards and local electrical codes and regulations.

• Supervise and provide technical support to the field team during installation, testing, and commissioning.

• Perform & manage Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) for electrical systems.

• Review and approve vendor submittals.

• Optimize engineering & material cost.

• Collaborate with project teams & Mechanical design teams to meet project requirements.

• Provide input on project timelines, schedules, and budgets.

About the Company

Focused on Quality, Efficient and Timely Hiring.

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