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Hiring Admin Manager


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Accountable for the proper budgeting of Administration, facilities, procurement-related budgeting on an annual basis and measuring controls on a monthly and quarterly basis for the reporting related to Budgets Vs Actual (Variance) Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
Design, Develop and Implement the standard operating procedures (SOP) for entire administration, facilities, and procurement functions.


Admin Manager 

The budget is -  Upto 12 LPA.

Experience Range - 5-8 years.

Qualification - Regular MBA.

  • Strong task orientation/ Go-getter attitude.

  • Communication Proficiency.

  • Ethical Conduct.

  • Accountable.

  • Personal Effectiveness/Credibility.

  • Problem Solving/Analysis.

  • High integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results orientation.

  • An enthusiastic team player and strong interpersonal skills.

  • Strong MIS / Analytics Skills (Knowledge of advanced excel will be preferred).

  • Strong Communications Skills (both written & verbal).

  • Strong detail orientation is a must.

  • Strong knowledge of MS Word.

  • SAP Knowledge will be preferable.

About the Company

Focused on Quality, Efficient and Timely Hiring.

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