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Hiring Machine safety expert (Automation Industry)


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Applicable ISO safety standards listed below for reference.
All machinery design is as per the Machinery directive 2006 /42 / EC.
Safety related parts of the mechanical and electrical design is as per ISO 12100:2010.
Safety related parts of the control system as per ISO 13849 -1 : 2015*.
For the storage and retrieval machines, EN 528:2021+A1:2022 is used as the reference standard.
Risk assessment and risk reductions are performed as per IS 16819.
IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 is followed for achieving the integrated safety levels in the machine.
Standards revised, revalidation as per ISO 13849-1: 2023 in progress.


  • Machine safety expert.

  • Industry- Industrial Automation 4.0 industry/ Warehouse Automation

  • Qualification -Having certification in machinery safety (CMSE) CERTIFICATE VALID either from Pilz or TUV.

  •  Location: any location Chennai/Pune/Gurgaon/Bangalore.

  • Required travel site visit 50 % time to certify the site equipment for safety. Work with product team for risk assessment and ensuring products meet safety standards.

About the Company

Focused on Quality, Efficient and Timely Hiring.

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